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Ameri-Tent Price List

Tents Prices
      20 x 20 Pole Tent1         $175 each 
20 x 30 Pole Tent $220 each
20 x 40 Pole Tent1 $250 each
20 x 20 Frame Tent2 $260 each
20 x 30 Frame Tent2 $390 each
20 x 40 Frame Tent2 $460 each


Tables Prices
6' Banquet Table $7.00 each
8' Banquet Table $8.00 each
       60" Round Table        $9.00 each
Cloth Table Cover Call for price


Chairs Prices
    Folding Chair (White)    $1.20 each
    Folding Chair (Black)    $1.20 each


Accessories Prices
   Lighting Packages     $30
    Portable Bar    $40
   Tent Heater     $150
 100lbs Propane (8-10hrs)  $100

1 Tent sidewalls are available at an additional charge.
2 Tent sidewalls are included with all frame tents.

All tent prices include setup and teardown.

Delivery charges may apply depending upon location.


Pole-Supported Tents (Pole)

A tent that features a set of individual poles arranged beneath the fabric roof to support and define the shape of the structure. The fabric roof is tensioned over the poles and attached to ropes and/or cables at designated spots around the fabric's edges. The ropes/cables are anchored to the ground using stakes, augers or weights around the perimeter of the tent. Pole-supported tents are the grandfather of the tent industry and were once the only type of tent available.


Frame-Supported Tents (Frame)

A tent with an assembled framework made of aluminum or steel pipes that supports the fabric roof and defines the shape of the structure. The rigid framework allows the tent to be freestanding without additional support, but requires the same rope or cable anchoring system as a pole-supported tent to hold it in place. Pipe frame-supported tents are popular for events that require smaller tents. Most manufacturers make units as small as 10 feet by 10 feet that are easy to set up and tear down. Pipe frame-supported tents are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.



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